da Vinci's Drawmaton

A working model of Leonardo da Vinci's early computer, a programmable robot that draws


The Leonardo da Vinci Robot Society, is working with world renowned mechanics expert Robert Sabuda to bring the Master’s early computer, which both writes and draws, back to life.

History tells us that Leonardo da Vinci’s Robot Knight could sit, stand, play the drums, lift it’s visor and even hug a guest. But over the centuries it was rumoured that the Knight could also draw, which makes perfect sense given Leonardo’s incredible artistic abilities.  We’re not reproducing the entire Knight! We’ve just focused on the drawing arm itself and its accompanying programming.

The Gambler Version Drawmaton!

The Slayer Version looks just Amazing!

A full view of Da Vinci’s Drawmaton mechanism! A Masterpiece!

Who knew that just 1kb of read-only memory could produce an elephant with a little bit of attitude?!

Da Vinci’s wooden proto-computer, the Drawmaton, reveals something scary!



It has long been a dream of the Leonardo da Vinci Robot Society to bring one of the Renaissance Master’s creations back to life.

2019 is the 500th anniversary of da Vinci’s death and the Society has chosen to honor his memory and celebrate his life through one of his best known inventions – the Robot Knight. 

And it was also rumored that the robot’s arm could also perform an extremely complex task…draw a picture! […]

An early programmable

Leonardo da Vinci loved designing robots so it’s no surprise his work eventually produced an early programmable computer! 

Made only of wood and a few pieces of metal, this ancestor of the programmable computer, is capable of reading 1kb of analog memory via wooden “petalos” which, to da Vinci, resembled the petals of flowers.

Kickstarter is a great place for innovate projects like da Vinci’s Drawmaton to come alive, so join us at the launch and help celebrate this engineering marvel!

Turn the hand crank several times and 1kb of information
is fed into the programmable wooden machine,
which then sketches a picture

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